Update May 11, 2006:

We have posted some pictures from our most recent vacation to Terrell, Texas,
which you can see by visiting our Vacation Page. When we get back from each vacation, I'll try
to post new pictures so you can see where we've been.

Sam turned 1 year old on April 9, and we threw him a puppy party. Here he is in his party hat
and with a rope toy that he got as a present. You can see a few more pictures of Sam and his
doggie friends that came to play on our Puppy Page.



***Update! The attic is FINALLY finished! Many thanks to all those who helped, especially Mike Tolliver.***

Dan and Julia bought a house in Malden, MA in October 2002. It is a Colonial built in 1920,
and the family who lived in it previously had taken good care of it, but the house had not been
updated in many, many years. So on the day we closed, the home renovation projects began.
Many people have asked to see pictures of the work we've done (and are still doing!), and a
web page seemed the most expedient way to present the changes. Check back periodically,
as we are always working on something and will try to update the site accordingly!

This is our humble abode:

And now we enter the before and after section of the site. There are a few other rooms in the
house that aren't listed because we haven't gotten to them yet. Most of our upcoming projects
are small things that won't dramatically change the house, but definitely need to be done (like
repainting the peeling ceilings in the second floor rooms, ugh).

First floor Second floor Attic
Entryway and stairs Master bedroom  
Living room Full bathroom  
Dining room Second bedroom