Sam turned one year old on April 9, 2006, and so of course we had to throw him a birthday party. His friends
Mathilde (center) and Daisy (right) came to play. They put on fun party hats, ate some homemade dog biscuits,
and ran around and sniffed each other. Sam had never had other dogs over in our house before, and he had
so much fun! Thanks to Janice and Matt and Rachel Sherman for letting your dogs join our celebration!


This is the coat Julia's mom bought for Sam to keep
him warm in the freezing Boston winters. He actually
does wear it without tugging at it when we're walking.


But now that it's spring, we decided to take Sam
downtown to Boston Common, where he enjoyed
sniffing all the flowers and barking at other dogs.


We took these in our living room and he was remarkably tolerant of us. We just love the way he tilts his head
at unfamiliar noises—here Dan played the flute to get him to do it. :)


He loved the beach last summer.


And he loves visiting with his friend Aletheia, who's just his size.
Luckily, she likes him too. :)


He also likes his toys (especially the squeaky star). These videos are of him playing.

Star Wars (this one is a big file-12.9MB)

Sam and His "Bone"

Flying Puppy

Swiffer Sam