We spent a long weekend in Terrell, Texas, celebrating the wedding of Dan's cousin Michael Mascarina
and his lovely bride, Amy. Dan's entire immediate family went, plus relatives from all over the world
(Philippines, Australia, Canada...). There was such an incredible assortment of people that the wedding
even made the front page of the Terrell Tribune!

Terrell is a small town outside of Dallas, and there wasn't a whole lot to do other than wedding stuff, so
we spent a good deal of time at the outlet mall across the highway from our hotel. Here is my sister-in-law
Sue, cousin Loli from Australia, me, Dan's sister Marylou, and my sister-in-law Laurie. You can see I'm
much taller than everyone else, even without the spiffy new hat I bought! Sue got a hat too, and Laurie
brought one from home—we wore them proudly all weekend.


In true Texas fashion, the rehearsal dinner was at a steakhouse and bar called Southern Junction. Nobody
came away hungry (or thirsty!). They also had a mechanical bull that many of Dan's family members
attempted to ride. Dan did really well—he hung on longer than any of his brothers and didn't fall once!


The wedding was in St. John the Apostle Catholic Church, which was a lovely stucco church that Amy's aunt and uncle
belong to. Dan's father, who is a deacon, participated in the wedding. The veil and cord of pearls around them are
Filipino traditions signifying their union.


The reception was at the Reunion Ranch in Elmo, Texas. There was a beautiful lake with a gazebo across from the hall.
We had fajitas and margaritas for dinner and then danced it all off. We spent equal time inside and on the porch, where
the kids (including Dan's nephew Brenden and niece Marissa, who were the ring bearer and flower girl in our wedding)
enjoyed blowing bubbles.