It's finally finished! Many people have helped us with this room (thank you!!!),
which started as a completely unfinished space with rafters, insulation, and subfloor
showing. Special thanks to Julien Bradley (strapping), Scott James (removing an
in-the-way beam and other engineering-type stuff), and Mike Tolliver (drywalling
and installing the floor and trim). It's not fully decorated yet, but it is a VAST
improvement over what it was. And it's fully functional as a guest room, hint, hint...

Unfortunately, all the before pictures are exceedingly dark. This is the best of them:


The fun pictures are really the in-process and nearly-done shots. That's Julia's crazy
brother, Mike, who helped Dan quite a bit.

This part is a home office/bedroom space. See how shiny the beautiful floors are?

This side is a living room-type area.Again, please note the floors.


And now for the finished attic. The pictures are taken as if you had come up
the stairs and looked to your left, then looked clockwise around the room.
It's a lot better in person, so come visit!

*Note: the bookshelves on both sides of the room are on casters and swing out
to reveal storage space behind the wall. Courtesy of Dan's creative genius.

Yes, that is a crib in the picture on the right, and no, we don't need it yet. Our generous neighbor gave it to us
when he moved because we'll need it someday! The space behind it will become a closet.